World’s smallest form factor for a true ribbon of just 1.8 kHz cutoff frequency, reliable, able to handle a lot of power, sounding like it doesn’t exist... All that by using only one series capacitor as a complete L-R 4th order crossover at 1.8k, combining acoustical and electrical slopes, with minimum of added passive crossover components. Featuring three transformer taps for resistorless sensitivity adjustment, ribbon replacement kits, custom front plates, copper soldering posts...

All of it, makes it perfect for reaching new limits in high-end home stereo or multichannel and near-to-mid field studio monitoring applications.

It was developed according to the wishes of the most demanding manufacturers, that were looking for a quantum leap in true ribbon design.

The exact process of making it, will remain a well kept secret. Being different than anything else, including other RAAL models, 140-15D and 70-10, it is available only to manufacturers, only under previously signed Non Disclosure Agreement.

For further info on 70-20XR, please, send e-mail inquiry to info@raalribbon.com, stating your company data and your position in the company. If you wish, you can include a brief description of your project. You will receive a brief .PDF datasheet, with basic measurements and data. If you find it fit for for your project, we will proceed with signing Mutual NDA and after that you can receive paid samples.

, and , are registered trademarks of RAAL advanced loudspeakers d.o.o.

Copyright ?2011 RAAL

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